My electric cart project!

This is how my cart looked before I drasticly changed it, sorry about the bad contrast folks but it's quite hard to retake the picture :) As you can see the original tube construction of the pedal cart was not strong, it had to support 2 car batteries, so a new farme had to be made..
So here is the new frame. It's quite strong and can easily carry the two car batteries, it can probably carry my weight, I'll have to try that later on :) For propulsion I use the drill, it's a 42V (!) drill wich is operated at 24V and is quite strong, it should make the cart go quite fast too I hope.
Here the the drill has been built on the frame, the rear axil is a real mess. There has to come a better solution later on (and there will), but for now it will have to work. Right now there is only one battery and a hobby battery. The tail lights are just for show.. they look quite good actually.