My electric cart project!

add a little pc Ok let's add a little logic. Here I've placed a XT board on the cart. I made the 5V using a voltageregulator, but because the board and it's systems use a lot of amp's the system became realy hot. When something went wrong with the regulator the 5V line of the mainbord got the full 12V and died ;)
This is the NEW stearing mechanism it's the summum of DJOD engineering ;) It actually wors quite well. I's a windsheild whiper motor wich has it's own gearbox. Attached to this gearbox is a messing cylinder made by mr. Jansen to wich the brakelines are conected, wich moves the stearing mechanism. I also atached a sensor to measure the position.
Here is mr Jansen. He's working on the new rearaxil here, It's a realy good job, verry strong. He has been a realy big help !